A Powder Room with some “Punch”

My latest project was to transform this small Powder Room into a space that has some character and makes the room feel a little bit bigger. The room is only about (6ft x 3ft) so this was not an easy task. Working with an area this small is always a challenge especially when half of the space is reserved for the toilet and sink areas. The first order of business was to find a toilet and sink that fit the space and allowed people to move in and out of the bathroom comfortably. The toilet I chose is a low flow model that conserves water when used and is much smaller in size than some of the older bulky toilet models. The sink had to be a custom design because of it’s proximity to the entryway. Corian, a durable composite material was chosen for the vanity top and sink basin because it can be customized to fit unique spaces. What makes this Powder Room really special is the wallpaper which was hand painted! It was the generator of the entire project. The bold pattern is not only eye catching but also gives this small space an energy and a a slightly larger feel. In any small space it’s good to start with the paint or wallpaper to set the tone. The color and/or pattern on the walls will shape how the room will feel and doesn’t take away any of the physical square footage. It’s not easy to transform this small of a space into a conversation starter, but I think we accomplished that with this eye catching Powder Room.

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