Out with the old…….

Just last year we gutted and redid our old kitchen. We said good bye to the old coral red formica counter tops, cream formica cabinets, laminate flooring and the ironing board that came down out of the wall??

Working in the field of Interior Design can be both a blessing and a curse. As a designer, I am constantly exposed to new trends, ideas, and materials so when it came down to the decor of my own kitchen it was a little more challenging.

The space was fairly straight forward because we were not taking any walls down and one has to have the basics of the refrigerator, sink, and stove. We knew we wanted hardwood to flow into the rest of the house and colored cabinets. Although, I can appreciate a white kitchen, I am not one to shy away from color. We settled on a greenish grey and honed absolute black countertops.

The floors are a reclaimed wood from an old paper mill factory in Downingtown and rather than another built-in we used a piece of furniture that I bought from a friends barn sale in the far corner. Its great for extra storage and adds a blue accent color to the kitchen. in the cooking area of the kitchen the backsplash is a Walker Zanger organic looking subway tile and along the peninsula we decided to use an accent tile to tie in the blue and greyish accents.

The trim color I pulled from the cabinets. It is a greenish grey but a slightly lighter and the wall color is Carrington Beige which I have used in a few projects and have always liked as a good neutral.



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