Design Rates

Every project is different, therefore Ann’s overall design fee will vary from project to project.  Some include both Interior Architectural Drawings as well as material and furniture selection, whereas for other projects, only drawings are needed.  The design fee will depend on the size and scope of each specific job.  For most, Ann charges an hourly fee for design work both on and off site as well as driving time when traveling for materials and products.

If Architectural Drawings are all that is needed, the fee is per drawing.  Each Floor Plan, Elevation Drawing, or Perspective is charged based its scale.  For instance if walls, plumbing, and/or HVAC are being moved or cabinetry is involved the larger the scale.  Kitchens and Bathrooms are much more detailed and entail many more drawing hours than typical seating arrangements therefore, those would incur a higher fee.

For more details on pricing feel free to contact Ann directly.

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