Fishbowl Hall Bathroom Renovation

For this second story Hall Bathroom renovation in Wayne the bathroom was mostly gutted with the exception of the window and two of the walls. My goal for this redo was to transform this very ordinary bathroom space into a completely  unique bathroom with a tropical vibe. I choose every material used in this space from the tropical fish wallpaper to the intricate emerald green glass wall tile. The flooring material is large ceramic tiles that have the look of marble but will not stain like marble does. I had to order a second sink because the original selection was a little to big and made the already limited space seem even smaller. The sink that we finally selected is smaller and fits the space better, especially with the addition of the crystal green knobs that I found separately. The drapes and valance were custom made for the window and add some depth without overpowering the rest of the bathroom. Overall I think this bathroom transformation looks  great and gives my client the tropical oasis that they asked for. Below are some Before and After pictures of the bathroom.



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