Repurposed Furniture

With most projects, clients want my assistance with selecting all new furniture however, there have also been several instances when a client wants me to incorporate a family heirloom or a piece of furniture they already have.  I always appreciate reusing or repurposing older pieces because they often have a uniqueness about them which adds interest to the new decor.  New furniture is a necessary component to the redesign of any room however, the ability to reupholster and or paint an existing piece not only brings new life into that piece but also eliminates the possibility of something being thrown away.  Below are a few pieces that have been repurposed for projects.


This faux bamboo chair was repainted in a custom coral color and the cushion was recovered in a fabulous Quadrille fabric.

2014-02-20 15.15.522014-05-08 15.04.19-1
This client wanted to incorporate her mothers desk into her new space so we upholstered the back in this beautiful ‘Le Lac’ fabric.



This pair of chairs, purchased at a local thrift shop were in great condition and fit perfectly into the new floor plan.  They needed a little ‘polo blue’ paint and new upholstery to bring them up to date.


image12014-08-04 13.22.41-1

This upholstered desk chair was in great shape it just needed a fabric and new lumbar pillow to update it.

One thought on “Repurposed Furniture

  1. I ann, I’d like to have custom made throw pillows made (3). Is that something you can help with? 20″x 20″, down, silk or linin fabric. thanks

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